China Visa Application

At China Visa Service you can apply for your china visa online. Just follow the steps shown below. It will take just a few moments. You can also apply for your china visa by filling in the application form manually and send it to us with the other required documents. We are also ready to answer your questions. If you need help or support. Just give us a call. Phone : 0211-955999-0 !

China Visa Application


At China Visa Service you can apply for your china visa easy, fast and cheap. Just follow the steps mentioned above and send us the china visa application form and other required documents. We will care about the rest ! It has never been such easy to apply for a china visa. Do not waste your time or money and relax. We do have more than 20 years of experience how to arrange your china visa fast and cheap. And we will care about your china visa application professionally too. More than 10.000 satisfied china visa clients could yet be convinced !


Please note that every traveller needs to apply for a china visa, disregarding age. That means that children and infants have to apply for a china visa too. Please fill in all required data carefully to make sure we may arrange your china visa quick and without any questions. If you have inquiries about china visa, please feel free to call us. Phone : 0211-955999-0 !


If you have questions about China Visa application just give us a call ! Phone : 0211-955999-0.
Or send a message via our contact form, or simply by dropping an email to :

New China Visa Application Form
Download the new china visa application form, valid since May 2019. You can enter your data electronically, or by printing it and filling it in manually. Please do not forget to attach a biometric passport picture. Then send it to us right away together with your passport.
New China Visa Application Form.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 2.1 MB