China Visa Documents

We need the below mentioned documents to arrange your china visa quick and cheap. Therefore fill in the china visa application form online, or manually and send it to us together with the other documents ! Registered mail stamps can be printed easily at home or in your office here.



China Visa Documents : 


1) China Visa Application (online, or filled in manually)

You can apply for your china visa online, or by filling in the china visa application form !


2) Your original passport

Please note there must be at least 2 empty sites !


3) Biometric Picture

An original biometric photography. Not a paper print !


4) Copies of travel confirmation

Copy of flight and accommodation confirmation ! 

Business travellers, workers and private visitors who follow an invitation must also present as 5.) a fully filled in invitation form, as shown below !

The following China Visa Documents can be found here !


China Visa Application Form English

China Visa Application Chinese 中国签证申请表

Application for Legalisation   

Student Visa China

Group Visa China

Academic Visits Visa China

Work Visa China
Business Visa China
Business Visa China Invitation Chinese

Visitor Visa China

Visitor Visa China Invitation Chinese

Tourist Visa China



As China Visa Service works partly automated and efficiently we are faster than mentioned above frequently. As soon as your china visa application reaches us we will always try our best to arrange it as quick as possible for you. As already almost 10.000 other clients before you, you will profit from our longterm china visa experience and our best connections to the Chinese consulates.


You can apply for your china visa online here. 


You can also print the new china visa application form and fill it in manually

After filling in the china visa application form online or manually please send it to us together with all other required documents.


Do you habe questions about china visa application or documents ? Please call us. Phone : 0211-955999-0.