China Visa Validity

With a china visa you have to note, that the validity starts at the moment of approval ! Therefore we strongly recommend to apply for your china visa not too early before your planned departure to china to make sure your duration of your visit in china does not exceed validity of your china visa ! China Visa Service recommends to apply for a china visa 50 days prior your departure earliest, or later !

The regular validity of a china visa is 90 days, starting from the day of approval !


If applying for other china visa types than tourists you may also apply for longer validity !


Please be careful which reason of travel you mention when applying for a china visa.


If you need a china visa exceeding 90 days, or with multiple entry, please contact us.


Do you have any questions regarding china visa ? Please feel free to contact us. Phone : 0211-955999-0 !


You can apply for a china visa online here.


You can also print the new china visa application form and fill it in manually