China Visa Fees

At China Visa Service you have the choice. Depending on how fast and for what reason you want to apply for a china visa, just choose from the below mentioned china visa types :


China Visa Fees. Prices are final per Person including all relevant fees and shipment within Germany !


China Visa Standard    

China Visa Processing Time : 7-10 days

China Visa Fee : 155,-€ Euro


China Visa Preferred

China Visa Processing Time : 4-6 days
China Visa Fee : 175,-€ Euro


China Visa Express      

China Visa Processing Time : 2-3 days

China Visa Fee : 245,-€ Euro


China Visa Next Day    

China Visa Processing Time : 1 day

China Visa Fee: 285,-€ Euro


Same day China Visa processing is actually not being offered by chinese consulates !


Please note that all travellers need to apply for a china visa disregarding age ! For this reason you have to apply for a china visa for each traveller separately, also for children and infants !


You can apply for your china online just here


You can also print the china visa application form and fill it in manually


As China Visa Service works partly automated and efficiently we are faster than mentioned above frequently. As soon as your china visa application reaches us we will always try our best to arrange it as quick as possible for you. As already almost 10.000 other clients before you, you will profit from our longterm china visa experience and our best connections to the Chinese consulates.